Building an International Subvertising Movement across Europe

Sat 16 July | 2 – 7pm

With Robbie Gillett, Adfree Cities, Tona Merriman, Brandalism (UK) and exhibiting artist Matt Bonner

A momentum is growing across Europe to remove harmful advertising from our public spaces. Building on the example of Amsterdam that has banned ‘fossil ads’, campaigners are organising for a similar law at the EU Commission. Grenoble has removed hundreds of billboards from its streets, community groups block new digital advertising screens in London and subvertisers in Paris, Madrid, Bristol and Brussels use large posters and high-viz jackets to re-purpose corporate advertising spaces every week. Find out how you can join The Subvertisers International to create happier, healthier cities. Includes an exhibition tour tracing a history of subvertising movements with exhibiting artist Matt Bonner

Robbie Gillett is the Badvertising Director at Adfree Cities, a network of anti-advertising groups in British cities: Bristol, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Norwich and Cardiff.

Tona Merriman is the co-founder of Brandalism, a guerilla arts network who use subvertising to respond to the marketing campaigns of big business and politicians. They are founding members of the The Subvertisers International.

Matt Bonner is a graphic artist, illustrator and campaigner based in London. Matt is co-author of Advertising Shits in Your Head and illustrator of The Street Art Manual and Brandalism’s Subvertising Manual.